Data Center Cabinet Systems

Platinum™ Server Cabinet

The Platinum server cabinet is the most accommodating rack enclosure on the market. A truly universal data center cabinet designed to accept any manufacturers rack mount equipment. Flexible rear posts designed for cable management, pdu mounting, or a vertical patch panel. Manufactured from welded cold rolled steel, this rack cabinet is built like a tank, no assembly required.

Platinum™ HDC Network Cabinet

The Platinum HDC (High Density Cabinet) is designed to handle all of your infrastructure cabling needs. This network infrastructure cabinet is designed with options to enhance airflow for side to side cooled switches, properly manage high density cabling applications and cross-cabling installations.

Platinum™ SideKick

The Platinum sidekick is a mini cabinet designed for high density cabling applications. Add to an existing infrastructure cabinet or in between a set of cabinets. Built-in cable management fingers & fiber management spools.

Platinum™ Smart Cabinet

The Platinum smart cabinet cabinet technology gives data center managers peace of mind by providing access control to rack enclosure systems. This smart cabinet technology can be added to any platinum cabinet and restricts access to a keypad code or proximity card swipe. The smart software logs who, when and where data. Alarm, alert, and reporting capabilities.