Rack Power Distribution
Per outlet power monitor, outlet switching on/off/recycle, built-in temperature & humidity monitoring. Support your high-density racks with 60AMP C13/C19 mixed outlet products. Top-fed PDUs available for overhead busways. Achieve maximum efficiency with 3-Phase 415V PDU solutions. Control all your rack PDUs from single screen, see your yearly power consumption for your entire data center or an individual device by implementing centralized rack PDU managment software.

Centralized Access
Most server and network administrators use a variety of access methods to maintain devices. Centralize the access to your data center devices through a single, secure sign-on. Point to a device and choose your access method: RDP, SSH, VNC, iLO, DRAC, RSA, ALOM, KVM, Serial. Need to reboot a server within your remote session? Power control can be integrated for total control from withing a single, secure session. No need to manage multiple login credentials, target ip addresses on a spreadsheet. Centralize all your access methods and credintials today.

Access Flooring
Data centers, laboratories, control rooms, and office environments all use raised access flooring for a variety of reasons. Whether your looking for new raised flooring or used access floors, 6" or 36" high floor, we have a solution for you. Check out accelerated perforated tiles that allow up to 65% airflow.
Server & Network Rack Cabinets
Our enclosure solutions are designed to accomodate all of your data center devices. All rack cabinets include tool-less button mount plates for easy mounting of vertical PDUs. 24", 29", or 32" Wide. 42" or 48" Deep. 21U, 38U, 42U, 44U, 45U. Variety of cable management and cooling options for high-density cabinets. Don't see what your looking for? Let us help you design a rack cabinet right for you.

Technical Furniture
Our solutions are designed to stand up to the most extreme conditions and 24/7 use in mission-critical environments. Coming from an ergonomic background, we understand furniture solutions need to be durable, but also user friendly. Our ergonomic lab solutions and console furniture is designed to accommodate multiple shift envirnoments. We can incorporate adjustable monitor arms, keyboard trays and sit stand work stations. We provide techical furniture solutions for laboratories, control rooms, NOC's, air traffic control, simulation/training rooms, 911 dispatch centers, PACS stations, process control, DCS & SCADA applications. Our services include room measurement, professional renderings, manufacturing and complete installation.